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t: 01635 200 200

The Mike Robinson Game & Wild Food Cookery School
Unit 1a Frilsham Home Farm
United Kingdom

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Opening: Mon to Fri 9-5

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The Mike Robinson Game & Wild Food Cookery School

Cookery Courses specialising in Game & Wild Food

Buy one place on any of our Half Day Demonstrations at the end of September and bring a friend for half price! Offer reference: Big Barn

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Essential Game Cookery Course1£195.00
An introduction to game cookery, we will prepare Pheasant, Rabbit & Venison recipes. There will be a morning demo with tips & ideas and the basic principles of skinning & butchering. There will be lots of hands on cooking, followed by a feast!
The Full Venison Course1£250.00
Wild Venison from field to table. Visit a local deer park & see how deer are humanely culled & field dressed. Return to the school to learn to skin, joint & butcher the carcass. Create a few delicious recipes & eat the fruits of our labour!
Advanced Game Cookery Course1£195.00
This course is for those who wish to progress to an advanced level who already have a good level of skill & understanding of the field. We will work on technical sauces, searing & roasting, making stocks & terrines. All followed by a slap up lunch.
Smoking, Curing & Preserving Course1£180.00
The ancient arts of smoking, curing & preserving are almost forgotten. Its easy to learn the basic skills required for transforming your excess of wild food into something really magical.
Bread Course1£165.00
You will learn the traditional method of making bread, with a modern twist. First thing we will visit the oldest watermill on the Thames, & use their stone-ground flours to make focaccia, granary malt and soda bread as well as pizzas.
Essential Fish Cookery Course1£195.00
This course is an introduction to fish, including learning to fillet, skin & pin-bone as well as learning how to spot if a fish is fresh. A number of recipes will be taught which cover many of the basic techniques.
Advanced Fish Cookery Course1£195.00
Taught by Matthew Dorich, this is for those who already cook a lot of fish, but are unsure about the more complex sauces & techniques. We will learn a few recipes that incorporate advanced cooking & working with shellfish & molluscs.
Fresh Pasta Making1£165.00
Making fresh pasta is a simple technique! We will get hands on making dough, rolling it & creating fabulous ravioli, tortellini & simple linguine. Students will also be taught the fillings & sauces that work best with these classic Italian dishes.
Wild Mushroom Hunting1£195.00
Our warm, damp climate is better suited for mushrooms than Italy or France. In Oct & Nov we find a range of species; Cepes, Chanterelles & Blewits. Start foraging in the woods, returning to the school to dry, pickle & learn 3 delicious recipes.
Feather and Fur Half Day Demonstration1£75.00
A fascinating demonstration covering the skinning and butchering of Pheasants, Partridges or Pigeons.
Venison Butchery Demonstration1£75.00
A fascinating demonstration for those who stalk or who share Mike's love of preparing and cooking this country's greatest wild meat. The session will cover the skinning and butchering of a wild deer carcass, cooking techniques and a superb tasting feast to end
Smoking & Curing Half Day Demonstration1£75.00
Discover the secrets of home smoking and cooking, tackling brining and filleting. Like all of our other demonstrations, the session ends with a tasty feast.
Fish Half Day Demonstration1£75.00
Learn to be brave with round and flat fish, perfect your fish stock aand fillet with confidence. A delicious tasting will end the morning or afternoon session.
Asian Flavours Demonstration1£75.00
This demonstration covers four exotic dishes from South East Asia. Thai Fish Cakes, Pho Bo, Thai Red Curry with Duck and Orange and Cardamon Creme Brulee.
Sausage Half Day Demonstration1£75.00
The morning or afternoon session starts with a brief history of sausages followed by a step by step guide to how to make them.

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