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t: 01377 288 295

Raisthorpe Manor
Raisthorpe Manor, Wharram
United Kingdom

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Raisthorpe Manor

We use only the best ingredients combined with traditional methods to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Finest quality liqueurs, preserves and chocolates at a price that does not compromise quality and excellence.

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Raspberry Gin Liqueur70cl bottle£22.95
A delicious deep raspberry liqueur , made using a traditional family receipe using locally soured raspberries ,hand picked ,matured with gin and sugar producing a strong fruit flavor ,the perfect alternative to Sloe Gin. Great in Champagne.
Stirrup Cut Special Port70cl bottle£22.95
A classic tasting port,full body ruby,with something extra ! The bigger themeasure, the faster you go... Tallyho.
Shoot Shots Sloe Gin70cl bottle£22.95
Using a traditional family receipe, locally grown sloes are steeped in gin and sugar left to mature which results in a delicious deep Sloe Gin . Great in Champagne, sparkling white wine or with Ice
Damson Gin70cl bottle£22.95
NEW Damson Gin. A traditional family recipe is usd to create a delightful liqueur. The perfect alternative to Sloe Gin.
Game Keepers Finest Whisky70cl bottle£24.95
A fine blended whisky... the perfect tipple.
Whisky and Blackcurrent Tipple 35cl bottle£18.95
An award winning tipple using our finest ingredients and careful craftsmanship 35CL BOTTLE

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Raisthorpe Manor, Malton, YO179TF, sloe gin, sloe port, raspberry gin