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Fresh organic beef & lamb boxes delivered to your door without costing the Earth. Organic farm powered by renewable energy, incl zero carbon delivery to your door in and around London (elsewhere by courier). Our grass-fed native rare breeds, Red Ruby cattle and Wiltshire Horn sheep, produce the most sustainable ...

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Organic beef lamb meat boxes delivery nationwide native rare breed Red Ruby cattle Wiltshire Horn sheep carbon neutral farming carbon-neutral delivery London Transition

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I have just received the 2 sheepskins, and they are absolutely lovely. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Rachel

Rachel - 1 July 2014

Just to say thank you for the lovely delicious meat you delivered last Tuesday We had some on Sunday and the taste was wonderful and even Frank,who is not given to making comments,remarked how tender and tasty it was,you will be hearing from us again!!! Thank you

Margaret - 27 September 2012

What a great farmer this man is. He is showing the world that it can be done and done profitably with savings to the end user. This should be taught at Universities that specialize in agriculture. This will save farmers money, increase their profits, and bring better food to the table. Most importantly it will help the planet that we so much need and we are so much destroying.....

Linden Volsun - 8 September 2011

This is what beef is supposed to taste like! Great meat. Will be ordering again.

Tony Ledger - 13 August 2011

Tender, full of flavour and delivery as promised. A varied selection of cuts Rump A1 Rib tender fine flavour Mince Lean THANKS

Walt Doberman - 11 August 2011
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