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Supermarkets; what price for convenience?

Supermarket’s obsession with growth is leading to higher prices as they mark up foods to pay for the new shops and cost of marketing against each other.

We must raise awareness to the fact that despite supermarket advertising saying one is cheaper than the other, it does not mean they are cheapest. THE CHEAPEST FOOD IS OFTEN LOCAL, and a great deal better. Especially if in season and direct from the producer.

We must all try and raise awareness to these facts and get local producers to show which of the products they sell are cheaper.

The trouble is supermarkets change their prices all the time, often adding an extra mark up for a few weeks to then follow with a half price offer. (Nearly always paid for by the producer.)

So please do your bit by typing your post code in to and look for icons with a ‘£’ flag meaning cheaper than the supermarket. And if you know someone on our map that should have a £ flag email me at [email protected]