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Frankenfish & Enviropigs. Do we want/need GM salmon & pork?

In the US members of congress are pushing to stop the FDA approving GM salmon that grows twice as fast as a normal salmon. Likewise Enviropig, a special pig for factory farms, is close to approval.

After 15 years of development, and huge amounts of investment, will the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prevail?

Judging by the amount of GM products already available, (and often hidden within the small print of a label), very likely.

It is incredibly disheartening to see these stories surface and realise that GM is designed for factory farms with very little benefit to the consumer. GM has not made food any cheaper and I guarantee that GM salmon and pork will not make the final product cheaper.

The salmon and pork will live in appalling conditions and any savings will be gobbled up by the GM patent and corporate supply chain charges.

Battery chickens, photo Wikipedia

Has anyone ever heard a reasonable argument against the dangers of GM? How can changing something so tiny be exact, and how can we possibly predict the long term consequences of GM?

There are so many unknowns any amount of tests cannot be complete.

GM is about money, not about solving the world food shortages, as proved by huge investments into GM salmon and pork, considered luxury foods to well over half the world’s population.

Luckily, in the UK we live in a green and pleasant land where all kinds of food can be grown and animals reared kindly. But watch out, the food industry wants us all to shop at supermarkets and be separated from farmers. This has already led to the dairy industry becoming industrialised and may get a lot worse if factory farmers have their way, with 1,000 cows under one roof, never allowed to walk in a field.

We must buy local and communicate with farmers to encourage more food production, or even join the food industry and crop for our local shops There are far to many places in the world where small farms have been taken over by corporations and factory farms torture animals, and poison waterways with untreated excrement. See Pig Business and watch the film.

But don’t feel obliged to shop locally, the great news is you can save money, not only because local food is very often cheaper, but because you will not be tempted by BOGOFS and special offers.

If you don’t know already; find your local food at BigBarn and please tell your friends. And register for local food news and special offers.

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