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Do we want a LOCAL Food Industry?

Do we want to see milk cheaper than water in some shops? Do we want to see more factory farming with cows, pigs, and chickens reared in appalling conditions. But find out that the farmer is only paid about 10% of the retail price, and that this retail price is NOT cheap?

Or do we want to buy from the producer or local retailer, find out about how our food has been produced. And pay a fair price that gives the producer an incentive to grow a wider variety of food?

My last blog showed that even if we all demanded ‘British’, farmers would not benefit, just give supermarkets the chance to increase profit.

And the blog before about how we were raising money to build, and enable, a LOCAL food industry to give consumers a better, alternative to the supermarket, with huge Social gains.

Despite 500 readers only 2 people have invested £100. Is this because people don’t believe local food is better and cheaper? That no one can beat the supermarkets? That despite our Social Enterprise and CIC status we are not to be trusted with your money? I welcome your comments below.

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