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Supermarkets are Complacent and have had their day

If you saw Panorama’s The truth About Supermarket Prices Wars you will have noticed that supermarkets are treating customers like ignorant, idiots. When making profits of over £1billion I believe this complacency shows they have had their day.

The programme started by showing that despite huge marketing campaigns saying that each was cheaper than the other, non were forecasting a drop in profits. What annoyed me were the ‘special offers’ that actually worked out at the same price, or in some cases more expensive. Like 1 unit for £1 or, special; 2 units for £2.

Is that a joke or a sign to tell me I am stupid because I don’t know that 2 x 1 = 2.

Luckily a recent survey showed that 47% of people find these offers misleading, proving they are not as stupid as supermarkets think.

What is very exciting is that they are mad to be complacent. 65% of the grocery trade goes to the ‘big 5’ but consumers do have an alternative, in particular, local food, that traditionally, has perceived to be less convenient and more expensive, but is actually the opposite.

By cutting out the middlemen and retailers local food is now cheaper, fresher and better, with many green and community benefits as well. Such as, boosting local economies, creating jobs as more crops are grown, decreasing imports, etc.

The more we buy local food the more, and diverse crops, farmers will be encouraged to grow and the cheaper it will become. Some people can even become small farmers with our Crop for the Shop Scheme.

So spread the word and stick two fingers up to the supermarket by trying your local producers and retailers. Simply type your post code in the BigBarn website to see your local food map

And if you do find yourself in a supermarket and see misleading sign, tear it up, you have every right to react when called stupid.

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