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New Year’s, food, resolution

A fantastic new year to everyone from us all at BigBarn. We hope that in the hard times to come you will still be able to eat great food and save money.

The best way to do this is to give up the supermarket and shop locally for seasonal foods that are nearly always cheaper. (You will also avoid the bogofs and DVDs you don’t need).

Buying local food means getting a bit more organised with your shopping list and dusting off a few recipe books to make the best of what is available.

And please don’t treat cooking as a chore, it can be a creation experience to be proud of and worth celebrating with family and friends.

It is always really worth while to get the kids involved, they are the future and should be much more creative than us oldies. They can even watch video recipes to feel more 21st century!

We also hope you, and the kids, can join our Crop for the Shop scheme and grow some fruit and veg to supply the dinning room table, as well as earn by selling through the local shop. Growing veg is a great way to get kids interested in proper foods and trying natural foods raw.

2012 should be a great year for BigBarn now that local food is cheaper, and better, than the supermarket. We will be making big changes, and adding more features to help reconnect consumers with producers and encourage local trade. The more trade the more food local farmers will produce, and the cheaper it will become.

We really hope you will get involved, grow and cook, and email us with any news, errors, or omissions relevant to our local food map.


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