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Survey to make BigBarn even better; And the chance to win Joanna Blythman’s new book & Pipers Crisps.

One of my Food heros Joanna Blythman followed us on twitter last week and after some messages, I found that she thought we were pretty good to.

She has added a link to us on her website and given us 5 copies of her new book as prizes for our latest survey to make BigBarn and our MarketPlace even better (if you haven’t tried it yet click here). Or browse the discount code page here and use code BB1. By completing the survey you also have the chance to win some Pipers crisps. If you can spare 5 minutes click here for the survey. Or to read more about Joanna’s new book read on.

Covering all the pressing food dilemmas of our times, award-winning food writer Joanna Blythman assesses the desirability of common foods from all angles, showing you how to make sensible, thoughtful and practical choices about what to eat each day, irrespective of your income.

Food should be one of life’s greatest pleasures yet, increasingly, choosing it is becoming a chore. Bombarded by questions such as ‘Is red meat bad for you?’ and ‘Is local always best?’ it’s difficult to know what to eat. At the same time, even the basics are becoming more and more expensive, making it essential that we choose the best foods for ourselves and the planet and make them go as far as possible.

So how can we eat well without waste, expense and ethical dilemmas? In this inspiring, practical guide award-winning journalist Joanna Blythman addresses all of these issues and more to help you buy food that’s good in the broadest sense of that word: food that is healthy and affordable and which doesn’t trash the environment; food that doesn’t exploit producers or cause unnecessary animal suffering, and last but not least, food that tastes great.

Packed with brilliant ideas for choosing lovely, wholesome meat, fish and veg and quick, easy suggestions for cooking them well, without compromising your principles or emptying your purse, this is the modern manual for eating well in the twenty-first century.

Joanna Blythman is Britain’s leading investigative food journalist and an influential commentator on the British food chain. She has won five Glenfiddich awards for her writing, a Caroline Walker Media Award for Improving the Nation’s Health by Means of Good Food, and a Guild of Food Writers Award. In 2004, she won the prestigious Derek Cooper Award, one of BBC Radio 4’s Food and Farming Awards. In 2007, Good Housekeeping Magazine gave her its award for Outstanding Contribution to Food Award 2007. She writes and broadcasts frequently on food issues.


  1. Claire says:

    Oh I read about that book the other day, looks great! I’ll definitely complete the survey. Thanks! 🙂

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