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BigBarn launches KIS (Keep it Simple) Cookery Video Channel

BigBarn launches a new initiative to join its local food map, Crop for the Shop and MarketPlace. You can now find and trade local food using the BigBarn local food map, buy online in the MarketPlace and then find ideas on how to cook all those delicious ingredients at KIS Cookery.

KIS stands for Keep It Simple and has been set up to dispel the attitude that cooking is complicated and boring.

Click here to see video about KIS Cookery video channel

Over the coming weeks videos will be added showing simple recipes or demonstrations to encourage all kinds of cooks, amateur to masterchef, to knock up a feast. We want to see the whole family taking part and celebrating healthy, fresh, seasonal food.

You can watch and vote on the videos, or better still make and add your own video, and perhaps be ‘discovered’, and become the next famous TV chef. We will tweet about every new video and every month give a prize to the best video.

In these austere times KIS cookery will also help more people enjoy great food and save money. Enjoy great food, by providing quick and simple video recipes. And save money by making the best of what is in your fridge, replacing expensive, take aways and ready meals with cheaper and healthier seasonal foods.

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