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BBC news: Allotment vandalism. Answer: Plant fruit & veg everywhere.

I note from a feature on BBC news this morning that allotments are being vandalised and produce stolen. Rather than spend police time, and money stopping these ‘crimes’ why not follow the example of ‘Incredible Edible’ and plant fruit and veg throughout the community and allow people to help themselves. FREE.

This does work. We need to stop this ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude. By putting a fence around allotments and asking for special police patrols, with special night vision goggles, the problem will get worse and increase cost to the taxpayer.

By gorilla gardening public space and planting fruit trees and veg plots most people will care about their local space and even volunteer to help. Problem solved. And more people eating fresh fruit and veg.

Councils & allotment holders should meet up and look at public spaces to plant food. Take away the prickly bushes and useless shrubs and plant fruit trees and raised veg beds. Tell the community about the project and ask for volunteers. Simple.


  1. So true – mind you I think gorilla gardening would be fun with a gorilla in tow – perhaps it should be guerilla?!

  2. Elisa says:

    agree–and simultaneously we should pressure councils to stop spraying toxic Roundup and other weedkillers in our public green spaces–if they were thickly planted with produce, they wouldn’t dare!

  3. Mark says:

    A beautiful idea and may stop a few stealing the odd veg, but what about the disengage teenagers who due to ‘boredom’ go around smashing sheds and slashing poly tunnels.

    • bigbarnblog says:

      Thanks for this. These ‘bored’ teenagers are exactly the kind of people we need to get engaged in food growing. If they are invited to get involved and realise the rest of the community are also taking part they will probably join in. It has certainly worked in Todmorden where vandalism is extremely rare.

      Fences and police patrols around allotments simply lead to an ‘us and them’ attitude, encouraging vandalism. If the money spent on police patrols was spent on engaging the community I am sure many problems would be solved.

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