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Can business force changes in farming practices

The great video below shows how a US restaurant chain is hoping to win customers by influencing change to food industry practices. In particular the intensive factory farming of animals. Great to see but will it have a long lasting effect?

The problem is that while factory farming exists somewhere in the world cheap and ‘nasty’ food will be available via take-aways, restaurants and retailers. In this country we have high animal welfare rules but still see foreign meat on our supermarket shelves where the animals have been reared in appalling conditions.

My view is that we need to change the way we shop and remove the marketeers, middle men, and retailers, from the supply chain.

By this I mean reconnecting consumers with producers and encouraging trade and communication. Communication about how animals have been reared, with producers perhaps changing to meet the wishes of their customers. And hopefully, leaving both supplier and consumer happy.

I am sure for instance that a free range farmer with happy customers, must be happier and more satisfied than a farmer rearing animals intensively with price pressure from retail buyers.

Also, by cutting out the middle men, transport and retailers we should end up with vastly better food for not much more money.

To have your say and influence local food production find your local producers using our local food map, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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