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Real Beef, how to save money.

What a great and versatile meat. And a prime example of the difference between buying a quality local product and a mediocre supermarket commodity.

The trouble is, Beef is complicated, breed, time and type of hanging/maturing, age, different cuts, butchery method, type of feed, cooking/resting, are all factors influencing taste and tenderness. And why so many people opt for what little they know and often pay far too much.

A great example is my cousin who bought the finest ‘fillet’ of beef from a supermarket only to throw most of it away because it was so tough. A piece of well-hung ‘topside’ would probably have been half the price and twice as good. Likewise the ‘chopped shin’ of a well-hung rare breed animal could be better and cheaper for stewing, than the more expensive ‘best stewing steak’ from the supermarket.

The great news is you don’t have to go to college or even buy a book, simply ask. Use our local food map and go and see your local butcher or better still, local beef farmer and ask what they recommend as well as how to cook it (resting after cooking is crucial, at least 10 minutes, especially steak!). It is in their interest to look after you, as they want to see you buying again.

So all you have to do is use our map to find your local beef, or for a delivery check our MarketPlace for beef and don’t be afraid to phone first and get a recommendation. And for inspiration try our recipes.


  1. PaulS says:

    Well said. Hanging the carcass for 3 weeks is essential to producing great tasting and tender beef. Supermarkets never do that, which is one reason why its overpriced meat lacks flavour and is often tough.
    Try for rare breed Red Ruby grass-fed organic beef from a farm powered by renewable energy – and delivered to your door without costing the Earth.

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