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Sausages, the great british banger

We British love our sausages and should be proud of the great quality and variety throughout the UK. Ever noticed the difference abroad?

The last 20 years has seen a real renaissance in sausage making. I am sure when I was young sausages were suffering the same fate as beer, with tasteless Watneys Red Barrel and fatty ‘Walls hot Sausages’, dominating the market.

We now have a huge variety with regional brands like Cumberland, Lincolnshire, made by many butchers as well as hundreds of ‘special recipe’ mixes, passionately guarded by their makers.

The best of course are those made locally by your butcher or farmer. Your local sausages will be fresh, and by meeting the producer, you to find out how they are made and what is in them. You may even be able to ask for something special, like a batch of gluten free.

You can also avoid the misleading supermarket packaging, like the bacon my girlfriend bought recently that had a union jack on the packet, but no mention anywhere that the pork was British. Obviously imported, then cured and sliced in the UK.

We have hundreds of great sausage producers on BigBarn, including 110 in our MarketPlace where you can search and buy online.

To try online shopping in our Market Place click here and type in your postcode. The site will display your nearest sausage makers, or, if you fancy something a bit unusual, like wild boar or venison sausages, type it in the search box.

And if your favourite sausage producer is not in the MarketPlace tell them to give us a call, you could then order online and save a shopping trip, or collect to avoid the weekend queue and delivery charge.

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