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New BigBarn ‘About us’ video

Here is our new ‘About us’ video to explain why we exist, what we believe, do, and why.

Our ‘Mission’ in modern business language.

We are often told that there is too much on our home page, our banner does not say what we do, our map is complicated and our blogs too controversial. So we will be making some changes, and as you are part of our community (you can read more about this here), we welcome your feedback below or to [email protected]

Are we too late to help local producers and retailers?

Have we all become too addicted to the supermarket? Loyalty schemes, special offers, convenience, and perception of value?

What would make people change? Cost, convenience, quality, responsibility to community?

To encourage change: Our ‘£’ flag on icon shows hundreds of farm shops, butchers, etc on BigBarn are cheaper than the supermarket, do you believe that?

A video flag helps producers tell their story and show what is different and special about them.

People can make money from growing your own with our Crop for the Shop initiative.

Is this enough to encourage more people to switch to buying their weekly food needs locally? And leaving the other goods for the supermarket, once a month?

Your feedback is welcome. And please send this to your friends.


  1. Emma Battams-Harri says:

    I was recommended to this site by a friend but found it confusing too much going on, however, the video made everything so simple.

  2. PaulS says:

    I think the website needs a tiny bit of tweaking: you need to show that it is alive. I suggest a few current usage stats in the home page, such as current users, users this week/ month, items sold today, this week/ month – and something similar for each of the individual shops. That would give assurance to new users and make them feel confident in participating.

  3. Alfinator says:

    Thanks for the feedback, we are in the process of a redesign and will add these ideas.

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