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Fasting; lose weight, stay young, get more intelligent, & protect yourself from alzheimer’s and diabetes

Great food Programme today about Fasting. Listen again here. Fasting is not as difficult or painful as one would originally think and shows that we should all think carefully about the ‘five, two’ diet. That is 5 days normal eating then 2 days with only 500 calories per day.

The diet, and programme, make a great deal of sense. Far too many people eat because it is ‘meal’ or ‘snack time’ rather than because they are really hungry.


After millions of years of searching for food, rather than loading a trolley at the supermarket, we must have evolved to get clever when we are hungry, or die! Hence the American theory, and proven research, that our brain cells repair themselves when we fast.

With so many positive benefits, like Sheila Dillon, I will now be trying the diet. And posting a few 600 calorie diet ideas using as many seasonal, readily available, local foods as possible. I am hoping to find meals that are low in calories but filling for as long as possible. Like eggs. Any 5-2 diets and comments very welcome below.


  1. kirstyelgar says:

    please share my blog re caring for my nan with dementia post today about rippingoff the elderly

  2. Hansa says:

    I am not a religious nut, but the fact that ALL religions encourage fasting in some form is interesting. Kind of ties into this conversation

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