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Getting people enthused about food and cooking

We have great food in this green and pleasant land, more varieties of cheese than the french, and hundreds of hours of cookery programmes on the TV.

Not terribly British but inspiring all the same. Buying and cooking food should not be a ‘drudge’. Don’t believe the TV adverts, and the shelf space devoted to ready meals. Yes, we are all busy and work lots of hours, but let’s finish the day with a great meal, around the table with the whole family swapping stories about the day, congratulating the cook, and perhaps, even discussing the ingredients!

So what will make us change? The Horse meat scandal has made many more people think, and talk about, where their food comes from. More people have given up ready meals to cook from basic ingredients, and are pleasantly surprised to find they are saving money.

BBC Crop grab
A butcher told me last week that a few young people had come in the shop and could not believe how cheap, lean mince, was, and were enthusiastically discussing what they were going to cook with it. Is this the Jamie Oliver generation?

If we can get cooking, and growing, food in schools perhaps a new food era is not far away. See our school food growing video here.

To help, BigBarn is here to help people find the freshest, best, ingredients, celebrate the seasons, (still waiting for asparagus), videos and recipes, and the story behind the food for the dinner table conversation!

If anyone has a story on how your family, or friends, get enthusiastic about food and cooking, your feedback is very welcome below.


  1. Adrian Fisher says:

    Good to hear of some positive news coming out relating to food. Here in Hull we are working on a lottery funded project to do just this. We have found that a ‘mind set change’ has to come about, it really is about a change of life style. Very often the poverty route is taken, with reports of poor diet etc, which is very often true. However I have been appalled by the lack of ignorance displayed by those working with a good income, one comment ‘ I had to buy a bread maker, so I could start making bread’
    Many foodie meetings I attend serve a buffet of white bread and plastic ham, what is that about?

    • bigbarnblog says:

      Thanks for this Adrian and keep up the good work. Please call us about how we can work with you. 01480 890 970. Unfortunately we have gone a long way down the ‘can’t cook, won’t cook, get ready meal from supermarket, or takeaway’ road. Projects like ours are desperately needed and we must get, growing, and cooking, food in schools, from Primary upwards. To see our video on this click:

      We are working with as many regional food groups and initiatives as possible to build our local food database and share technology and initiatives, like, Crop for the Shop. O look forward to a chat sometime. Regards Ant

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