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Help Launch the brilliant MooMan Movie

There is a brilliant new movie about to hit our screens if we all help give it a gentle push. If you care about the plight of dairy farmers and the commoditisation of food read on.

The MooMan was the surprise hit of Sundance Film Festival 2013. The story of a farmer, Steve Hook, and his favourite cow Ida.

Steve is a farmer with a sparkle in his eye, passionate about his cows, producing organic raw milk, and keeping the family farm small and sustainable.

Sadly he is a rare breed in the farming world. Every day one small, family run farm, closes. Luckily Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier of Trufflepig Films wanted to show how important these small family farms are. And what better way than to make a film showing how surprising, and beautiful, the world of this farm is.
Hook Team
Unfortunately releasing a film is an expensive business and Andy and Heike want to do it properly. They are planning the best trailer possible, posters, and to tour the film to cities, towns and villages up and down the country – but to do this they need help to raise £20,000.

For more and to help bring the film, that Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper called, his “crazy favourite”, to a UK cinema near you, ClICK HERE.

BigBarn is a great supporter of small dairy farms and have blogged about the how much more sustainable small farms, selling direct, are, than mega dairies. For a taste of Steve’s Raw Milk buy online in the BigBarn MarketPlace by clicking here.

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