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Tesco; 30,000 tonnes of food waste

BBC news today;

‘Supermarket giant Tesco has revealed it threw away almost 30,000 tonnes of food in the first six months of the year.

Using its own data and industry-wide figures, it has also estimated that, across the UK food industry, 68% of salad to be sold in bags was wasted – 35% of it thrown out by customers.

And it estimated that 40% of apples and 47% of bakery items were wasted.’ Read the complete article here

It looks like Tesco have shot themselves in the foot here. Most people are, quite rightly, coming to the conclusion that shopping locally, more regularly, is a much better solution than the one stop, weekly shop, where is is almost impossible to forecast exactly what the whole family are going to eat.

BigBarn local food map

BigBarn local food map with Crop for the Shop & Cheaper than Supermarket flags

We need to go back to basics, look what is in the veg patch first, then what is ‘on special’ at the local shop, butcher or farm shop, and plan your meals for the next 2 days.

The great news is that a switch to local will save waste and a huge number of people a lot of money. To find your local shops and offers use our local food map, or buy online in our MarketPlace, where we have a 520 producers selling thousands of products. We have a Deal of the Day page here or 90+ producers retailers offering an introductory discount using code BB1 here.

And don’t switch to supermarket local shops unless you are extremely rich!

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