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Happy Christmas Feast. A grace, & win prizes!

Whether you are tucking in to a huge, free range, local, turkey with all the trimmings, or a vegetarian spread, this Christmas, BigBarn hopes you have a great meal, day, and celebration. And if you recite the BigBarn grace and send in a video of the reader we have 3 books as prizes.

Food has been at the centre of our celebrations for millions of years so no wonder we make such a fuss. Up until a few hundred years ago the food was preceded by the story of the hunt, the butchering, and communal cooking. All increasing the anticipation of a delicious feast.

Today, most people watch lots of adverts on telly about how cheap Christmas food is. Then some of the family are locked in the kitchen to cook, whilst the rest digest a big breakfast and catch up on Christmas telly before the table is re-loaded.

cooked turkey_1Unless of course you have sourced most of your Christmas food locally, or even grown some yourself. Like the great hunter you can enthuse your family, and guests, with the story of what they are about to receive and make them think it is delicious before they even taste it!

To help this process here is the BigBarn local food grace. Anyone who sends in a video of the reader can win one of 3 books we are giving away. Simply video the reader and guests, upload the video to you tube and email [email protected] with the link.

The BigBarn Grace
May we all be truly thankful

That we have great food in this land from west to east
And we still have farmers to grow and rear a regular feast

But let us not become complacent
We must not allow those great big shops
To herd us down their aisles and make us stop
To buy salty ready meals and other such slop

We must buy fresh and direct from local farmers
To encourage them to grow food that doesn’t harm us

So let us hold hands, and give thanks today
In case the chance to buy such food goes away

For great local food every day

If you would like to add extra lines or verse please do so and email them in.

Happy, Happy Christmas for us all at BigBarn.