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Are Supermarkets the cheapest place to shop?

When supermarkets have so much buying power, and there are so many supermarket adverts on the TV claiming they are cheaper than competitors, people assume they must be the cheapest place to shop.

At BigBarn we want to correct this misconception and now help our local suppliers compare and promote their competitive prices.

We want to help people convert from the ‘big range, one stop’ expensive, shop, to seasonal local suppliers who provide better, fresher and often cheaper, healthier, food.

All helping build a local food industry where producers are paid a fair price, and encouraged to grow more, and consumers take an active interest in what is grown and sold locally.



Supermarkets might be cheapest for shampoo and branded goods but when it comes to food they are regularly more expensive than local shops due to the long supply chain. The statistic of 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket going to the farmer tells the story, and why many food producers are now selling direct to local customers.

In simple terms, if a farmer can sell direct at 50p rather than 9p, he will be getting 5 times more and be giving consumers a 50% discount compared to supermarket prices.

This is a rather sweeping calculation but it is the reason why so many producers and retailers of local food on the BigBarn map are cheaper.

BigBarn local food map

BigBarn local food map

Many have flagged their icon with a £ sign, others added a video to tell their story about products, price and service.

It is amazing how many consumers are saving money by changing their shopping habit to local every week and the supermarket once a month.

So please visit your local producers, using our local food map, and ask questions about price and quality, or email [email protected] with details of any producers or retailers you think should be included.

EXTRA: You may also find by changing your shopping habit to local you will save money by avoiding BOGOFs and unwanted DVDs!