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Are GM tomatoes Healthy?

News today: Scientists have developed a purple genetically modified tomato with the cancer fighting, antioxidant properties, of blueberries. Is this healthy for us, the farming industry and a sustainable food industry?

Perhaps ‘yes’ if the only gene transferred from the snapdragon plant was the one that gives the tomato the cancer fighting anthocyanin, and the gene over time, does not effect the rest of the plants gene balance. And ‘yes’ if the new variety of tomato does not cross pollinate with traditional tomatoes. And ‘yes’, if the plant is a success, that it is available to all growers, without paying a huge royalty fee.

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Family Farm Shop

I am not a scientists but doubt anyone can be 100% sure that when transferring a tiny gene that something else may also be transferred undetected. And that as tomatoes are members of the deadly nightshade family, a poisonous gene may be awakened. And that it would be a lot easier to add the anti-oxidant anthocyanin to ketchup and pizza sauce separately. And as GM products become more common, that farmers will be forever at the mercy of the GM seed producers and paying a seed price almost equal to their profit margin.

Surely we would be better to use the plants and animals we have, buy from local producers, and educate people to eat a more balanced, healthy, diet.