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Giving up the supermarket? Recommended reading

Our mission at BigBarn is to get people out the supermarket and shopping locally where food is fresher, often cheaper. So here is how and why we do it, and links to Westywrites, a great blog about giving up the supermarket.

Local food trade encourages local producers to grow more food and the money spent stays in the local economy instead of being removed to fund supermarket expansion, or pay shareholders.

For the last 13 years we have recommended that people switch to local for meat, (which is cheap and nasty in the supermarket), then move to buying the weekly shop locally, then give up supermarkets all together. It is however a hard habit to break considering most people’s perception of price and convenience.

BigBarn local food map with Crop for the Shop & Cheaper than Supermarket flags

BigBarn local food map with Crop for the Shop & Cheaper than Supermarket flags

Over the years however we have noticed that a huge number of producers and retailers on our local food map are cheaper than the supermarket, and have added a ‘£’ flag to their icon. This is hardly surprising when farmers are rarely paid more than one sixth of the supermarket retail price of their products. I have also noticed my local village shop has the same ‘deals’ as the supermarket and saves me a £6 inconvenient trip in the car.

We are also encouraging consumers and schools to join the food industry by growing their own and selling excess via retailers on our map marked. Those taking part have a rosette meaning local food Champion as they are acting as a trading place for local food. To read more on this click Crop for the Shop. To read Wesywrites blog with advice and links on how to give up the supermarket click here.


  1. Roz Chandler says:

    Love the article and I have proved we can shop locally by doing so in my 30 day challenge.
    I haven’t been to a supermarket which is lovely.
    I do feel some local shops need to update their image of shelves stocked with tins and concentrate on selling great local produce.
    So few independent shops now. I am a fab of farm shops.

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