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Blueberry Superfood Week: Week 25 of BigBarn’s Food & drink weeks

Blueberries are another great super food and something we should all have in our garden, balcony or windowsill?According to Women Fitness, academic studies of this berry suggest it may aid in the prevention of cancer. Out of all fruit, blueberries also contain the greatest amounts of antioxidants and may aid in the neutralisation of free radicals, slow the ageing process, decrease abdominal fat and promote urinary tract, brain and heart health. Basically, go get some fresh blueberries as soon as possible and incorporate them into a daily regimen (especially when they are in season, like now!). Make sure to pick a good batch by choosing only the bluest berries that are not too tightly packed and are firm but not mushy.

Wow, the most nutritious and best need to be fresh and not imported and ageing in a plastic carton. So Grow your own by investing in some blueberry bushes. Like raspberries they should fruit every year especially if pruned and composted.

Tasty healthy

Tasty healthy

So all you have to do is use our map to find your local blueberries or even pick your own, or for a blueberry bush delivered check our MarketPlace. And for inspiration try our recipes.

Or if you have a favourite blueberry recipe, or any other recipe, and would like the chance to win a prize, please video your recipe and add it to KIS (Keep it Simple) Cookery. Please have a look at existing videos here and try and keep your video less than 2 minutes long.


  1. Karen Deans says:

    If you don’t have green fingers having a bag of frozen blueberries is a cost effective alternative. Unlike fresh, being frozen the nutrients and antioxidants are locked in and ensures availability all year round. Frozen are also cheaper than fresh – win, win situation!

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