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Guest Blog: Amazing Autumnal Smoothie with Tiger Nuts!

At the Tiger Nut Company we are really passionate about tiger nuts and their health benefits!

Although people are becoming more aware of them, they are relatively unknown and people are not always sure how to cook or eat them. This is a simple seasonal recipe which makes use of the amazing pumpkins that are around now.

Tiger Nuts have a natural sweetness, and can be used raw and cooked. Many people don’t realise that you can eat pumpkin raw.


Tiger Nuts


Raw pumpkin has a rich and earthy taste and is a nutritionally dense food. One cup of raw pumpkin has around half the RDA of vitamin A, and only 30 calories. A handful of Tiger Nuts has as much Vitamin E as six avocados. Vitamin A, and E are powerful anti-oxidants which can naturally boost your immune system,  making this smoothie   a good choice for keeping colds and flu at bay.  They are also great vitamins for skin health and can help keep your skin supple and healthy through the colder weather. Adding banana and cashew nuts makes this a really filling smoothie, whilst the added ginger is a good warming stimulant for those cold autumn mornings.

The Recipe:

pumkin tiger nuts

The main ingredients and finished product.

Then add:

Then blend again, adding more water if needed. You can also add a splash of maple syrup if you have a sweet tooth.

This smoothie tastes really fresh, creamy and full of autumn! A nice optional extra is to add a teaspoon of raw cacao which gives the smoothie more of a butterscotch or caramel taste.

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