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Christmas Food and present ideas from BigBarn

Christmas is getting so close and each year there is always that person who is just too hard to buy for. Well, a fancy locally sourced food choice is always a winner! Hampers, cheeses, coffee and food courses are always spot on and you can even mix it with with some natural products like soap and candles for a homemade hamper of your own.

Here are a few Christmas present ideas from our Marketplace. Simply click to see more or buy.

The big feast for the family

The big feast

Christmas Food: What about giving traditional Christmas foods like a Turkey, goose, ham, smoked salmon, cheese, cake or pudding. You might spoil the surprise by having to warn the lucky recipient of what they are getting, in case they have already stocked up, but be extremely popular all the same.

Soap not cheese!

Soap not cheese!

Natural soaps without dodgy additives: These producers avoid chemicals and focus on using quality ingredients, including natural essential oils fresh and dried fruits, flowers & herbs. Soap made in small batches and cut by hand. Natural soaps, great for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin and allergies.iStock chilli salsa XSmall

Chilli Products; There are lots of chilli addicts out there, and it is high in vitamin C. Here are a selection of artisan chilli products, from sauces to jam, jelly, salsa, infused oils, vinegars, chocolate, powders, dried or fresh.

hamperHampers: Need a foodie present delivered to a friend, relative, or customer, or want to make sure there is some great food where you are going for Christmas? We have a great selection. From the tradition mixed hamper, to chocolate or meat, lots to choose from here.

Roasted coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans

Coffee or Tea: We have a huge range of coffees & teas from around the world. This is real coffee and tea from artisan producers not sweepings from the factory floor. And herbal teas for all kind’s of things; detox, de-stress, re-energise. A brilliant present for a coffee or Tea snob’s stocking!imgres

Courses: Whether you want to try something new or perfect your skill, we have lots of course providers, for Cookery, (from capable to beginners ‘quick meals at University’) or foraging, or chocolate, bread, meat curing, sausage, jam, making, or even snail farming


Fruit & nut trees; Plant a tree with love, or to join the food industry in a few years, like apple juice, cider, nuts.
Gala parfums H 017
Beer, Wine & Cider; We have hundreds of artisan brewers and real cider makers around the UK, buy for your Christmas celebrations. You can use our local food and drink map to find your local supplier or buy from those carefully selected for our MarketPlace for beer click here, or cider, here.



Sloe Gin & Liqueurs; For the warming tipple on a cold morning or long walk in the snow. We have 5 artisan producers to choose from.

Amazing & natural

Amazing & natural



Filberts Bees: Beekeepers and makers of natural beeswax products, based in West Dorset. If you know someone who’s been busy in the garden or on the farm, they might appreciate a tin of Filberts Farm Hand to protect and nourish skin exposed to the elements.

Kefir the real probiotic: Want to get healthy this Christmas and for the new year? Forget the silly probiotic drinks in the shops and try a powerful probiotic to make at home & increase immunity, and gut health. For more click here to see our blog

Buy direct from the producer

Buy direct from the producer

Olive Oil, & Local Rapeseed oils: As there is a shortage of Olive oil this year buy from the artisan producers selling real oil and not blended with substandard oils or even palm oil! A really good oil, or infused oils is great for; home made salad dressings, or to add flavours to pasta, fish, beans.  Or use your local, healthy, high omega, rapeseed oil. It may even help allergies such as hay fever.

radio 4 picCheese: Did you know we have more varieties than the French? We have lots of artisan cheese producers in our MarketPlace, many making cheese using milk from their own cows. Cheese is a great asset for the Christmas feast or popular present for a cheese lover.




Chocolate: The way to most people’s heart. Go for something artisan and special to wow your loved one and friends. From Truffles to bars, drinking chocolate to brownies, we have a big selection of producers here.

4879Hilton Herbs: Herbal Supplements for Animals. We specialise in the formulation and manufacture of dry and liquid herbal supplements, soothing lotions and herbal creams for animals and pets. Our Helpline and website can provide detailed information and advice, to help you choose the best product for your horse or pet healthcare needs.
Oldfields Restaurant Class ready meals: If you are worried your little darling will not eat properly at University or new flat how about sending them off with some delicious ready meals. Currently on special offer with 20% off.
spice mix
Spices and curry making mixes: Supermarkets charge too much for rather low grade, stale, spices. We have some brilliant spice suppliers and easy to use curry mixes that will give you an, as good as, or better curry than the local restaurant. A great way to use up the remains of the turkey!
Soapnuts: Going green or want the perfect present for a ‘green’ friend? Soapnuts are the most natural organic laundry detergent, soap and cleaner available on the planet…and it grows on trees! It doesn’t get greener than this, and better for your clothes and skin! ‘These are brilliant. Natural and no need for expensive, nasty, detergents’

19095_lgFish: To counteract the few brain cells you might lose to a tipple or two, stock up the freezer with a bit of fish. Smoked salmon or mackerel, fish cakes for a quick but impressive breakfast, prawns for an impressive canape. All dead easy to cook.

1000798_176954215808011_2040501219_nAlpaca socks & wool; Get some lovely socks made from real, soft, Alpaca wool straight from the farm. Or for the growing number of knitters we have real wool from traditional, rare, breeds of sheep. Or for true luxury for when it gets cold, organic lamb skins direct from the farm and locally cured.

Homemade, additive free, jam.

Homemade, additive free, jam.

Preserves; Leave out the bland brands and try some real artisan producers of; chutneys, mustard, jams, local honey, curds, spreads, jelly, sauces and piccalilli

Or there are lots more in MarketPlace, and if looking for a discount you can browse other shops in the Discount code page and use code BB1 or for products on special offer of 20% off or more try our Deal of the Day page.


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