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A grace to celebrate the big meal

A Very Happy Christmas from us all at BigBarn.

We thought that the big meal deservers a proper grace. So many people around the UK have have sourced real local ingredients, and lovingly prepared huge feasts. To just sit down and start eating without a thought for where the food came from seems wrong. So here is the BigBarn grace.

If you like the theme please get one of your family, or guests, to recite it and video their performance. You could win a BigBarn Hamper!

Here is the BigBarn grace:

farmer & free range turkey

farmer & free range turkey

May we be truly thankful
that we have great food in this land from west to east
And still have farmers to grow and rear a regular feast

But let us not become complacent
We must not allow those great big shops
make us buy salty ready meals and other such slop

We must buy fresh and direct from local farmers
to encourage them to grow food that doesn’t harm us

So let us hold hands and give thanks today
in case the chance to buy such great food goes away

BigBarn hamper

BigBarn hamper

For the best food every day

Simply video the person reciting the grace, and, either:

1. Upload it to YouTube, free, and send the link to [email protected]
2. Tweet it to @findlocalfood
3. Share it to our FaceBook Page: BigBarn CIC

We will pick the best 3 videos and send each a BigBarn hamper.

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