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Guest blog from Modernize: Grow Your Own Edible Garden

It’s already 7 p.m., your kids are hungry, you haven’t eaten since lunch, and you need to make something fresh and delicious. What are your options? Eating fresh and healthy can be difficult with the hustle and bustle of a busy life. But growing your own edible garden is a great solution to give your meals that extra-fresh boost you’ve been craving. Here are some of Modernize’s favourite solutions.

Create an Indoor Garden with Upcycled Planters
More and more people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint every day, which means there are a ton of creative ideas out there to upcycle items you’d normally throw away. Consider keeping decorative tins from tea, soup, or other foods that you just love—an interesting design or pop of colour can add a pretty accent to your kitchen. Alternatively, you can just use an aluminium can, peel off the label, and paint in your favourite hue— or leave it bare for a minimalist look.
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For display, you have many options. You can set the cans or jars on a windowsill that receives a lot of natural light, or you can set them into a planter made from an upcycled wood palette or a cut of reclaimed wood.

Another popular method is to plant herbs in mason jars. Just be sure to label each can or jar, so you know what kind of herb you’ve planted. You can add a strip of chalkboard paint and write with white chalk for a chic feel, or find sticky labels for a faster solution.

Even a novice gardener can maintain an indoor garden. Be sure to plant herbs and spices in quality soil, and position them in a spot that receives natural sunlight for several hours a day. Every type of plant requires different watering levels, but the trick is to nourish and not drench.

Find Peace in an Edible Outdoor Garden
If you love to walk through outdoor gardens, you can create your own oasis with a variety of edible plants. From strawberries to fresh tomatoes, beans, and other legumes, you can plant a whole produce section in your own backyard!

Gardening does take skill, but the essential things to know are sun, soil, and water. You’ll need to plant your vegetables in good soil, whether in the ground or in a pot. Then you’ll need to make sure the plants have access to good, natural light for at least six hours a day. The trick to watering is not to drench! Each type of plant has different needs, so be sure to research or ask for help at the nursery when purchasing seeds.

Want to spruce up your backyard décor? Try climbing plants that you can eat! Grow fruits and vegetables vertically to dress up walkways or camouflage an eyesore fence or post. You can install a lattice for a natural, earthy look. Common climbing edibles include beans, cucumbers, peas, grapes, squash, and tomatoes. Think of the suppertime possibilities!Us & them allotment

Always-Fresh Produce
The benefits of growing your own edible garden are many, but being able to source fresh ingredients at a moment’s notice is certainly convenient. Skip the grocery store and dress up humdrum meals with fresh spices and herbs that you’ve grown inside. Wash, chop, and sauté some scrumptious vegetables from your own backyard. Healthy has never been so chic!

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