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Supermarkets cash in on sourdough bread. Typical

Rising sales of sourdough bread have prompted supermarkets and industrial bakers to launch their own versions. Typically they are cutting corners causing potentially serious health consequences.

Authentic sourdough contains only flour, water and yeast and, most important, a long fermentation process to allow the yeast to break down some of the carbohydrates. This makes the bread easier to digest and can help those with gluten intolerance.

The big bakers prefer to speed up the cycle by adding commercial yeast and other ingredients which they are under no legal obligation to reveal to shoppers. Shocking!

So watch out and ask questions when you buy Sourdough bread. How long was the fermentation process? Can you tell me ALL the ingredients?

Or better still use our map to visit your local artisan bakery or buy in our MarketPlace. Or best of all, make it yourself, it’s dead easy.

Simply buy decent flour and banneton and baking stone and watch the video below.

The picture above is one of my home baked loaves and cost about 40p per loaf! Have a go, you could even supply your friends.

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