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Sugar tax should help us combat instinct? Or is education better?

For millions of years we humans found it difficult to find sugar and salt. As a result part of our brain tells us to enjoy it when we can. Now it is so plentiful our brain tells us to get stuck in. Hey presto: obesity and rotten teeth.

Some people know about the dangers of high sugar drinks, others can’t help themselves or put up with whinging kids. The new sugar tax, inspired by Jamie and actioned by George, should provide an incentive to make better buying choices._88801010_b81c9155-a758-4444-836c-9a6772dacfe9

Surely it is the duty of people with power to encourage change even if unpopular.  Jamie has the power of celebrity and George the power of government.  Well done, please put some of the £580m in to food education so people make the right decisions without further taxes. Perhaps our growing food in schools initiative? For more and a video click here

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