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Social Media & tech helping change the food industry?

There are lots of tweets, blogs and videos about food, farming and the ‘food industry’. Here are two great ones that popped up recently and should make people think.

First; is this cruel? To the child, or sheep, or just a real young farmer learning from a early age.

I think this is brilliant and got rather annoyed by the many comments I saw saying the little girl should become a midwife or surgeon, what’s wrong with a farmer??

The second video; should we save money now on cheap food and pay later? Or be foolish enough to think that technology and big corporations will eventually fix everything.

When I say ‘pay’ I mean the environment or even our health. I wish governments would stop following the short term thinking that big corporates employ.

As a website organisation we love technology and hope more people will discover food stories and switch to better local producers and retailers and even join the Food Industry with our Crop for the Shop initiative.

We want to cut out the middle men and greedy corporates and give everyone a better deal. So please join our Community Interest Company as a supplier or consumer and tell your friends about the better way to buy food.

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