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Please sign our petition: Every school should have a Veg patch

Every school should have an asparagus bed! Veg patch and fruit trees. Please sign here.

An asparagus bed sounds odd but will actually meet requirements of ease to set up, gain kids interest and super healthy crop.

So why? Supermarkets and marketeers have disconnected people with where their food comes from. This has resulted in a can’t cook, won’t cook generation and bad diet increasing obesity and diabetes.

We desperately need to improve diet by enthusing the next generation to love fresh fruit and veg, and influence their parents to change from ready meals, to cooking fresh nutritious food.

Best eaten within 2 hours of picking.

Best eaten within 2 hours of picking.

Growing and picking fresh fruit and veg has proved to completely change children’s attitude from ‘don’t like vegetables’, to ‘YUM’ (see our video below).  So all schools need a productive, easy to manage, fruit and veg patch.

Hence, an Asparagus bed and strawberry patch.

Asparagus is slightly unusual and will gain kid’s interest, but sweet and the king of fresh veg best eaten within 2 hours of picking. And incredibly healthy for kids to take home if mum or dad are ill. As for strawberries? Everyone’s favourite fruit.

Both foods once established will spread and produce a crop every year during the summer term with minimal maintenance.

Real fresh ripe jamming strawberries

Real fresh ripe jamming strawberries

Once popular other crops can be grown depending on enthusiasm and space.

And cost? I bet, in time, the improvements in diet will reduce the NHS spend on diet related illness by 10 times the cost of implementing this initiative.  And schools could even earn from their veg patch by selling their crop to a local shop found on the BigBarn Local Food map. (see video)

Please sign the petition here 


  1. Gloria Jakes says:

    I was brought up with home grown good. The joy and benefits this brings can’t be beaten. Sweet tender fresh the very best
    Everybody needs to benefit from this. With luck they will continue through adulthood

  2. Pam McEntee says:

    I was brought up with my Dad who grew vegetables in his garden and both my parents cooked fresh from raw ingredients this has taught all of us well and be able to be independent of the majority of processed food.
    I think it is important for any one to be able to grow even the simplest of vegetables especially at school so that team work can be shared and would act as an important tool for the future. if you end up with very little money to spend on food.
    Not all of us will be able to be a Doctor, Lawyer or Accountant but should be able to live an active life like others to avoid illnesses like diabeties, heart disease etc.

  3. Patricia says:

    As a Island we need to be self sustaining grow our own crops and buy local. Also children should learn these basic skills. So they are independent and can survive in in the world. It is dangerous for the control be be in the hands of the few. Children should be taught how to fend for themselves and Britain should be able to provide for itself…

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