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Thought about joining the Slow Food movement?

Slow Food was originally set up in Italy in 1989 to combat the spread of Fast Food. It is here to make us think again about allowing food get ruined by the strange need we humans have to speed everything up!

Slow Food is now a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

Like BigBarn the Slow Food movement in the UK is growing, as people are rapidly becoming more aware of the flaws in our current food systems. Now, more than ever, is a fantastic time for you to contribute your voice to help us spread the Slow Food message in England.

Fresh salad crop at

Fresh salad crop at

What can you do?

Slow Food is all about building networks between like-minded people; those who are inspired to create change in our current food systems, and seek solutions to the pressing issues we face.

At the heart of the movement, the local groups spanning England allow members to connect with those around them who have passion, skills, knowledge and ideas to share with others.

Your local group in England is a powerful resource, where members can proactively engage with one another to create events which will educate, connect and inspire.

Local people growing fresh healthy food

Local people growing fresh healthy food

It might be sharing in the joy of a cooked meal, learning about the work of local producers in your area, or rediscovering the foods which have specific cultural ties to your communities and local history. Or it might be campaigning on particular issues which directly affect England, or educating young children in the enjoyment of food and where it comes from.

There is an amazing range of ways in which to get involved in your local Slow Food group.

What could your membership to Slow Food mean?

With the help of your membership, Slow Food actively engages in campaigns on all sorts of issues including fish, GMOs, food labelling and food wastage.

Slow Food also runs a broad range of programmes such as the Ark of Taste/ Forgotten Foods programme which encompasses 79 products, including the English products such as Kentish Cobnuts and Comer Crab, and seeks to protect those regional foods that are in danger of becoming lost forever.

You can join Slow Food England, and become part of the Slow Food movement. Members like you are a vital part of the Slow Food movement, acting as standard bearers in the fight for good, clean and fair food for all.

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What are the benefits of becoming a Slow Food member?
1. Become part of a vibrant international community of people who believe in good, clean and fair food for everyone.
2. Add your voice to the growing movement fighting to protect our local food heritage and culture.
3. Join your local group to help spread the Slow Food message in your own community.
4. Enjoy a wide range of activities and campaigns from talks, tastings and producer visits, to educational programmes and restaurant outings.
5. Connect with a network of like-minded people.
6. Our national bi-monthly newsletter, and the international newsletter will also come to your mailbox each month.
7. You will receive online access to the annual Slow Food Almanac about our international projects and activities.
8. A discount for Slow Food International Publications such as Slow Wine and Osterie & Locande D’Italia.
9. Your membership card will entitle you to member discounts on local and national events such as Slow Food Week.
10. Discounted ticket prices for international events such as Terra Madre & Salone Del Gusto and Slow Cheese.
11. Each new member receives a ‘snail pin’ which we hope you’ll wear with pride.

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