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Pork Week: Week 47 of BigBarn’s Food & Drink weeks

Please be careful when buying pork. They are the most intelligent animals in the farm yard and should be treated humanely. And not contain antibiotics.

Unfortunately labelling is very inaccurate and free-range, outdoor reared and outdoor-bred, not to mention organic, may not be what you are buying.

The trouble is pigs, like chickens, can grow quickly given the right food and environment, and profit focused businesses will ignore animal welfare, especially if the customer only sees the end product on a supermarket shelf.

The most important thing to look for next time you’re scanning the shelves or counter is that it’s British.

The Great British Banger Breakfast

The Great British Banger Breakfast

British pork farmers follow some of the strictest criteria for pig husbandry in the world, meaning that overall welfare standards are incredibly high, whatever you choose. Look for the Red Tractor mark for extra reassurance and watch out for products that say they’ve been produced in UK as that doesn’t mean the pork has been reared in the UK; only the Union Jack label guarantees that.

If you’re looking for the very highest quality pork for your table then take a look at the BigBarn marketplace to purchase from a reputable supplier or farmer or to search for a producer near you check out the local food map and ask your local butcher or farmer about how the pigs have been farmed.

Healthy Pork Facts

1. Pork is an excellent source of protein (21.8g per 100g on average) and essential amino acids.

Happy pigs and chucks

Happy pigs and chucks

2. Pork is great for topping up your iron levels because it contains Haem iron, which is easily absorbed by the body. Pork even helps to increase your iron uptake when eaten with other foods.
3. Pork is packed with vitamins. It’s rich in Vitamin B1 (thiamine), important for vitality and energy levels. A 100g steak contains 90% of our daily requirement. Pork is also a great source of Vitamin B12, essential for a healthy nervous system. It is also rich in Zinc, which can boost your immune system.

To find your local butcher or pig farmer in your area use our local food map here.

If you have a favourite recipe using pork then why not share it for a chance to win a prize? Please video your recipe and add it to KIS (Keep it Simple) Cookery. Please have a look at existing videos here and try and keep your video less than 2 minutes long.

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