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Glorious Catering Week: Week 50 of BigBarn’s Food & Drink Weeks

Who has picked the short straw this year and has to cater for the whole family? A few people love it, some take it in their stride while others despair with the responsibility.

So why not share the chefing. Get each guest to make something for the big feast, or weekend. This should be a fun challenge that everyone can enjoy.

There are all sorts canapes, puddings or side dishes for the big meat dish. Delegate whatever you think you want and get them cooking, its good for them, especially the kids.

Your most resourceful guest probably needs to be given the traditional Brussels sprouts as they are in such short supply. There are lots of recipes at BigBarn to follow or try a video at KIS Cookery here. What ever you choose sometimes the little extras can make all the difference. And most can be cooked in advance to save time on the big day.

real roasties

real roasties

Here are a list of in season sides for Christmas that will not only make your Christmas dinner but help support a local British food community.

  1. Parsnips – Mashed with a bit of pepper and butter or roasted with honey or parmesan
  2. White or green Cabbage – Steamed and served with black pepper or peas
  3. Brussel Sprouts – Gently cook with butter and bacon
  4. Potatoes – Roasted or mashed and topped with homemade gravy. (You can peel, chop, par boil and freeze these weeks in advance then defrost and roast on the day.)
  5. Leek – Gently cooked with black pepper and butter
  6. Cauliflower – Made into a cauliflower bake with leeks and baked to perfection
  7. Roasted winter veg

    Roasted winter veg

  8. Carrots and swede – you can chop and boil these with just enough water to cover the veg. When cooked mash like potatoes with butter, pepper and salt to taste. (this can be done the days before and baked on the day.)
  9. pumpkin and squash – these can be peeled chopped and simply roasted like potatoes. To relieve the pressure on the day these can be roasted with the potatoes the day before then heated in the oven while the meat is ‘rested’ after roasting.

All are easy to cook, and if shared, you can concentrate on all the important things for Christmas. And relax!You might even have some fun teasing each other about the quality of the food they produced.

For those of you who love the best of British Cheese take a look at our Artisan Cheese page to find all your cheesy needs before Christmas.cheese cut

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If you would like to win a prize please add a video recipe to our KIS (Keep it simple) Cookery section. Perhaps recipes on how to use up leftovers to help other people reduce waste! Or film mum making her speciality.

Whatever happens we wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS

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