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Food Resolutions Week: Week 1 of BigBarn’s Food & Drink weeks

As it is time for new year’s resolutions here are a few ideas on Food resolutions for 2018.

Eat less meat
Meat tastes great and it is nearly all the favourite foods we eat from a curry to a roast, to a bacon sandwich. All the experts say however, that we eat too much and reducing meat consumption may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel. Did you know that if current trends continue by 2050 we will be feeding enough grain to meat producing animals, that could instead feed 1 billion people.

Eat better meat
If we eat less meat we should be able to save enough money to buy better quality, high animal welfare, and healthier meat. Healthier for us with less additives, anti biotic residues and higher omega 3 from grassfed livestock. And healthier for the planet with less intensive farming and more traditional mixed farming to improve soils.

Cut down on sugar
We are ‘hard wired’ to love sugar. For millions of years we humans gorged on sugar when it was available because it was normally scarce and gave us energy and built up fat reserves. Today sugar is cheap and it is in everything from baked beans to bread. We must resits our brain telling us to eat more and cut back.

Eat more veg, salads and fruit
If you cut down on meat, eat more veg and especially seasonal, local, fresh veg that is full of nutrients and fibre. Get a veg patch for really fresh or visit your local farm shop to buy locally grown produce that is normally cheaper than the supermarket and better.

Cut back on the supermarket and Buy local
And that is why we should cut back on the supermarket. Yes I know they have everything in one place and they have a loyalty scheme, but do you need ‘everything’, the veg isn’t that fresh, the loyalty scheme earns you very little and you will not be tempted by misleading offers.

Eat seasonally

If you switch to local shops you will find local, fresher, seasonal produce. This should save you money and match your body clock.

Be more adventurous
This could mean finding more interesting ways to cook seasonal veg using a recipe book or our KIS Cookery videos. Like my every growing asparagus crop from the veg patch! Or more types of sustainable, healthy food like, seaweed, Dartmoor pony, goat burgers, making yogurt with kefir.

Make your own bread
To be really adventurous how about making your own bread. Get better bread and save lots of money. It really is a lot easier and less time consuming than you think. For a video click here.

Grow your own
Whether you have a big garden or a balcony you can grow something. Herbs, lettuce and tomatoes for the balcony or asparagus, potatoes, beans, squash, garlic, etc for the veg patch.

So lots of resolution ideas there and perhaps even the beginnings of a food business. If you have any more ideas please add them below.