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Burns Night & Haggis week: Week 4 of BigBarn’s food & Drink weeks

Whether you have Scottish blood, love Haggis, need a tiny excuse for a party, or like wearing a man skirt, Burns Week is here.

Haggis is embedded within Scottish culture and history. People have been enjoying the pleasures of Haggis since 1615, and some may be surprised to learn that it was in-fact created by the English. The historic food has only recently become the Scots best friend since it was hijacked by Scottish nationalists hundreds of years ago. It is best carefully steamed and accompanied with some turnips, swede and carrots boiled together and roughly mashed, (to leave lumps) then mixed with some butter and black pepper. Potatoes should get the same treatment with butter, black pepper, milk and a pinch of mace, but be mashed finer and then whisked with a fork until your arm hurts.
For those that don’t want to struggle through the traditional Burn’s grace, for the cutting of the haggis, or have a Scottish friend who can stay sober enough to read it, here is a recording by John Gordon Sinclair.

John Gordon Sinclair reads 'address to a haggis'

John Gordon Sinclair reads ‘address to a haggis’

You can put your laptop near the table, click the link and have the big knife poised over the beastie, ready for the word ‘cut’ in the 3rd verse!

To find your local haggis try your local butcher, who may also have a vegetarian option, on our local food map or to buy online use the our MarketPlace here .

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