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Local Food Hubs all over the UK, better than the supermarkets!

BigBarn has been asked to add to and adapt its technology to help the 60 local food hubs about to be dumped by The French company Food Assembly.

After 4 years of trading in the UK the French technology company is pulling out of the UK meaning the local food hubs will no longer have a platform to continue trading.

BigBarn’s new technology will build on, and improve, the French platform’s abilities and allow more consumers to buy a wide range of fresher, better, local food, from many producers, all in one online order. The local hub can act as a collection point, or local delivery centre.

In time hubs will encourage more small food producers to set up, as well as farmers to grow food for local people who want a better option than the supermarket. As BigBarn already has 7,000 food producers listed on their Local Food Map they hope there will be a hub for every local community, rural and urban.

In line with all BigBarn’s technology they will continually develop the platform as required to meet the needs of all users.

local food map

The beauty of using BigBarn is that producers, retailers and farmers on the map have the option to join a local ‘Hub’, and if accepted by the organiser, can simply add their products to the hub shop with one click in BigBarn’s admin system.

Like all the outlets on the BigBarn Local Food Map each Hub will have an icon linking to a webpage as well as be promoted via a Postcode specific banner link appearing below the map for anyone typing in a postcode in the hub’s delivery area.

Exciting times! If you would like to set up a hub to offer a better alternative to the supermarket, simply email the BigBarn team at [email protected]

Or to get listed on the map as a producer or local food outlet click here

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