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Should there be a tax on Red Meat?

Interesting article on the BBC website today. Should there be a Tax on red meat?

BigBarn’s view: Yes in principle, but a bit unfair in practice.

Yes because red meat and especially processed meats have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Those people eating meat should therefor pay extra tax to cover their share of NHS costs. Just like those eating lots of sugar and getting diabetes are now paying sugar tax to contribute the their extra NHS cost.

Unfortunately ‘responsible’ meat eaters who are eating small quantities and not eating processed meats. As well as only buying free range meat from sustainable sources (Hill farm lamb, Dartmoor Pony, Pasture fed beef, free range pork) will also be taxed.

So we would advocate a tax on processed meats and non sustainable meat production like factory farms.

If you would like to act now to source sustainable meat please use our Local Food Map Or for a free range Turkey this Christmas click here for our Turkey Map

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