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Annoyed by vegans?

Anyone find vegans annoying following recent media coverage like: “Vegan’s say cows are being raped to produce milk!” Or is it just the media that annoy me?

As a fifth generation farmer and meat lover I understand that a mixed, organic farm is one of the most sustainable ways to produce food. I also appreciate the need to cut down on meat and don’t buy factory farmed meat for animal welfare reasons.

I am impressed by anyone who takes the trouble to feed themselves without meat or dairy products but annoyed by vegans who make rash claims without proper consideration of the facts.

Free range

It was therefore very interesting to see the BBC’s The Truth About Meat, and how meat is very nutritious, and as a nation, we love meat, but on average, eat far too much. It was disappointing to see that factory farmed chicken had the same nutritional value as Free Range and that we need to be more careful with the BBQ. click here to watch

I was very impressed with the visit to the abattoir at the end and the scientific approach taken throughout the program. My conclusion is that anything, including vegans, that make people think about what they eat must be good.

What we need is education about food, farming and nutrition, so that people make food choices based on complete food knowledge. People who love animals shouldn’t eat meat but have the knowledge to get the nutrition they need from other foods. People like me should be allowed to eat sustainable meat without getting any hassle or feel guilty.

Either way we must get Food education in schools, including growing and nutrition. If you agree please sign and pass on our petition here.

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