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Well done Tom Kerridge and ‘Start them young’

Well done Tom Kerridge on helping inform people how to cook, save money and make families’ happier.

If you haven’t watched Tom’s show click here

It is of course sad that so many people do not know how to cook and end up spending much more than they need on ready meals, takeaways or sweet, salty sauces, to improve meats and pasta.

It is also crazy that whoever cooks, normally Mum, sometimes has to cook 3 different meals every evening to satisfy Dad and the two children. Likewise crazy to end up throwing food away that is not used.

This is of course exactly what supermarkets and big business want. And continue to tell us that we are far too busy to cook and that our local supermarket will have everything we need at the cheapest prices.

Cheap compared to what?

Delicious veg, cos I grew it!

So well done Tom for opening lots of people’s eyes to a better way.

At BigBarn we are extremely frustrated that the ‘better way’ is not catching on naturally when there are so many benefits such as; better food, better health, saving money and happier families.

With so many cookery programs on TV, social networking and video recipes, you would have thought people would change, yet obesity is on the increase and 20% of NHS spend is on Food related disease.

At BigBarn we are convinced the best way to change and save us all money, (as NHS costs reduce), is to educate the next generation. We, and many other people, have seen how children can completely change their attitude to food if they are allowed to grow it at school. They even influence their parents to change!

Unfortunately the government are squabbling over Brexit so to get them to pay attention please sign our petition: Get Food Growing, Cooking and Nutrition on the school Curriculum.

I love veg now

Over half our schools already have veg patches or gardens and cooking can be done at home (so no huge expense on new school kitchens). Sugar tax can help pay for other veg patches or local can be encouraged to help.

The Department of Education simply need to change the curriculum using teaching notes from organisations who have worked with schools, like BigBarn (video here), on growing veg for the last 5 years+ The RHS, Slow Food, Greener Growth and Garden Organic.

Please do your bit and sign our petition.

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