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Kimchi Fermented Vegetables (Local Food Business Idea 1)

BigBarn is all about building Local Food Communities that are self sufficient, caring and inclusive. For more on this please read our NEXT BIG IDEA blog here.

Communities that grow and trade food and keep their money in the community to boost the local economy and increase jobs.

As such we thought we should come up with food producing business opportunities that every community should need. Like a local brewery, butcher, dairy, farm shop, baker… and with the growing deterioration of gut health, superfood Kimchi!

Chopped or grated with added sea salt

Kimchi is a superfood that anyone can make in their own kitchen without any specialist equipment and should be in great demand once people understand the benefits of regular consumption.

For more listen to the real experts on this great episode from BBC Food Program about fermenting veg. Did Kimchi save him from Aids?

I have been fermenting veg ever since I heard this program and even used some blueberries and rye flour last week to get a sourdough culture started.

I make batch of Kimchi every few months and try to eat some every day in a salad, coleslaw, sandwich filling, curry side dish or added to noodles.

I feel very healthy and am sure my immune system is much stronger as I don’t seem to get ill like my friends.

The final product dated and labelled

So if you are interested in becoming the Kimchi supplier for your community have a go.

There are lots of recipes and videos online all based on the simple process of chopping veg, adding salt and storing in a jar. You can start with any veg and just make a jar or two, before you decide on your special recipe and build up production.

If your friends want to join in follow the example of the Korean people who all get together for a Kimchi production line.

And please don’t be afraid. I opened a jar after 3 months storage recently and there was a ‘pop’ and lots of bubbles fizzing up the side of the jar.

I wondered: Has this gone off and will give me food poisoning? Or is this jar similar to opening a fine bottle of champaign?

It didn’t taste like champaign but was delicious and 100 times better for me.

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