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More cancer with obesity, and Boris

Two worrying bits of news today for the NHS and tax payers; 1. Obesity is on the increase and causes more cancers than smoking. And 2. Boris may remove ‘Sin’ taxes on sugar, alcohol and smoking so increase consumption of cancer causing products.

To me tax on unhealthy products makes sense. To decrease consumption we need a ‘carrot and stick’ approach. The tax is the ‘stick’ and educating people on why they should cut consumption should be the ‘carrot’.

It seems incredibly unfair that people who are obese, smoke, drink excessive alcohol and on average cost the NHS large amounts should pay the same tax as people who look after themselves.

Boris thinks the ‘Sin’ taxes are unfair on the poor and should be paid by the businesses producing the products. Wouldn’t these businesses simply pass on the cost to the consumer?

At BigBarn we believe education, education, education, is the answer and we must get food & nutrition on the school curriculum. Especially when children are the most powerful influence on their parents. More more on this and to sign our petition please click here.


  1. Carley says:

    Signed the petition and I 100% agree. We need social accountability and that can only be achieved through education.

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