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University banning beef is mad and irresponsible

Last week the Guardian reported that a university has banned the sale of beef in campus food outlets to help the climate emergency. This action is typical of most people’s ignorance of food and farming and is bad for UK farmers, student health, and will increase food ignorance as people are misled.

Yes, meat production does produce high carbon emissions and intensive beef production is the worst. Especially when it takes 8kg of grain feed to produce 1kg of beef meat. Compared to 4kg of grain for 1kg pork and 2kg grain for 1kg chicken.

The action taken by the University is telling students that eating any beef is bad and presumably, by their omission, all other meats are fine. Or some students may overreact and become vegans and damage their health by not eating properly.

This must infuriate thousands of farmers who have turned their backs on intensive farming and opted for, the often less profitable, sustainable mixed farming. This is where beef cattle are reared on pasture, not grain, and are a crucial part of a farm ecosystem that also produces fruit and vegetables whilst regenerating soil and the environment.

Know where your meat comes from?

Why don’t Universities buy this meat and veg?

It is brilliant that action like reducing plastic and use of clean energy is being taken by universities but hugely disappointing that a place of learning is misleading students.

Universities should not ban beef. Instead they could ban or tax, all intensively produce meat, or clearly label all food products and provide traceability.

Consumers, especially students want to take action against climate change so why not provide the information or education to help them make the right buying choices.

This should start at school and why we are so passionate about getting food growing, cooking & nutrition on the school curriculum, especially when we have seen amazing results from a project we ran, and the many others run by charities all over the UK.

You can see videos and more here, and please sign our petition if you agree.


  1. Steve says:

    Totally insane and shows the low level that so called universities have sunk. However, if these are so called university students then why not THINK FOR YOURSELF and do your own research instead of just accepting what authority says. Wake up.

    • Anthony Davison says:

      Thanks Steve, it really is very disappointing that these so called ‘highly intelligent’ academics can be so blinkered and attention seeking. Universities are supposed to encourage learning and discovery. So why not provide the knowledge for the students to make their own choices.

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