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10 positive things to do during lockdown

Here are 10 positive things to do during this very unusual time. We are talking about active, satisfying, family bonding, activities, instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching reruns or trash TV.

Perhaps getting the whole family involved where the activity starts with ‘I don’t wanna do that’, but ends with ‘Let’s do it again tomorrow’.

No. 1  Cook.

Learning to cook, or honing skills for Masterchef!  Having time at home is a great opportunity to cook delicious meals, get more confident, and enthused, to share the cooking with the whole family.

Fun and healthy

Technology means we can now watch video recipes instead of troll through stodgy cook books. A video allows you to see the end product and stop and start the video as you progress. Please try BigBarn’s KIS (Keep it Simple) Cookery video channel. You can type in what ingredients you have and get a recipe to match.  Or even make, and add, a video recipe to the site and be discovered as the next famous chef

When we get back to work perhaps the whole family will be enthused to cook regularly?

No. 2  Become friendly with your local producers/retailers

This might be difficult in lockdown although we will all need food.  Chickens won’t stop laying eggs, cows produce milk, or veg stop growing, so potentially, plenty of local food.  Please use our Local Food Map to find yours here. We are helping many with online shops and local delivery so please register for your local updates here.

Your Local Food Map?

Unfortunately EU cheap food policy over the last 40 years has caused most farmers to grow commodities instead of food . A politician recently stated: ‘We don’t need farmers, we can get cheap food from abroad, or factories’. We hope your demand and this mess will change policy.

No. 3  Grow Food and Crop for the Shop

We humans have been growing food for thousands of years and it is within our souls to get satisfaction from producing a bountiful crop. We would all feel a lot more secure if we grew and shared food locally.  Our Crop for the Shop initiative is designed for this and we have seen some amazing results when schools have joined in to get kids growing and cooking food and selling to local shops. More with a video here

This is also very effective with local pubs and restaurants where, after lockdown,  you can trade home grown produce for a drink.

No. 4  Fermenting food or drink

Time in the veg patch

Fermenting food was very popular, and essential, in the past, both to preserve food for shortages and add flavour to meals. Fermented foods are also very healthy as they contain many essential gut bacteria to help increase immunity.

They are also extremely easy to make and could even develop in to a nice home business. To find out more I highly recommend this radio 4 Food Programme podcast  with Sandor Katz.  Or search online and You Tube videos.

No. 5  Bake bread

Healthier, satisfying, self sufficient, and saving money, should be enough reasons for this activity. For our blog about real bread v factory produced click here. You could even start a business supplying your community.  There are hundreds of videos on bread making and sourdough on You Tube so all you need is great flour, you can buy online here from one of our many artisan suppliers

No. 6  Clear out the freezer and food cupboard

This could be difficult if you have crammed recent purchases on top of old foods. This is a great time to get organised.  Eat the old food first and list everything you have to see how long you could last in a lockdown. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people have enough food to last months!

No. 7  Forage

If we are allowed to walk our dogs there could be lots of opportunities to pick up free and tasty foods. Elderflowers will soon be available as well as wild garlic and sorrel.  You could even download an APP.

No.  8  Join your community

Let’s build a better, local, food industry

We have lived in communities for thousands of years to help us share hardship as well as good times. Surely this is a great time to rebuild local communities.  Sharing food, seeds and seedlings, odd jobs. You should get out what you put in.  In this wonderful age of technology this can now all be done online, and a safe distance from a local cough.

No.  9  Exercise

We must stay fit and active to fight off bugs.  If the gym is closed there is no reason why we can’t exercise at home, or try the the ultimate, yoga. Experts say that if we all spent 5 minutes a day doing the Sun Salutation the NHS would save millions in back pain treatment. Again, lots of videos available online.

No. 10  Build, repair, or invent something

This could be really satisfying.  Get the family together for a brainstorm and become the next Dyson.

There must be something in the house that needs fixing. Set the challenge and earn a reward! Perhaps your family can invent a new recipe and become famous.

If you think of more activities, or comments on the above please add them below.


  1. Terry says:

    Great ideas…be really cool if my local farm shop would deliver. Or even click and collect…convenient, potentially fresher and less contact.

  2. Anthony Davison says:

    Thanks Terry. Every business on our map can set up an online shop using our admin system and even set their delivery area to offer a local delivery service.

    Local food production and delivery like 50 years ago but with modern e-commerce ordering!

  3. Fiona.edward. says:

    Excellent advise, reminds me of the War Years when we all pulled together and grew everything, people were much more healthy. So important also to excerise Thankyou

  4. Marion says:

    Good Idea about stock take we have not been hoarding but on checking the cupboards we have a weeks worth of food supply and looking forward to trying out some new receipts.

  5. Mel Bryan says:

    Join a Community on line. NEXTDOOR.CO.UK
    I was the first person and Lead for my village 2 years ago and now we have 75% of households able to talk to each other about any “neighbourly” subjects except politics. It’s not like Twitter, you have to sign on with your real name. I liken it to an online Interactive Noticeboard. We are using it now to link up volounteers to help isolated households.
    To sign up to your local group go to and enter your post code. You only have to put in your street name and email address which will never appear online.
    And get talking!

  6. Sarah Fricker says:

    I love the way there is so much help around with loads of people volunteering their time. Please, when this is all over, can we continue the good things? I was listening today to a farmer saying that we shouldn’t have relied on global food. Buy local and support our farmers! And then you read about 6 ambulances damaged and young people coughing in old people’s faces. Thanks for all the good tips on here.

    • Anthony Davison says:

      Thanks Sarah, quite right. Let’s hope people get to know more people in their community and start growing, cooking and sharing food. Discovering a better way to live that will continue when the virus has gone.

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