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Easter is nearly here – so we’re celebrating chocolate this week!

In normal times you’d see every convenience store and supermarket stacked high with Easter eggs at this time of year, and, without doubt, Cadbury’s would seem to be the most popular choice for the children, it’s good to remember that these mass produced eggs are not the only option.

If you really want to treat yourself to the most delicious and tastiest chocolate this Easter, then buy from one of Britain’s artisan chocolate makers. Not only will the quality beat the big boys hands-down, but you’ll also be doing your part by avoiding those overly-packaged eggs which look so tempting in the supermarkets.

It’s not just eggs though, there’s everything from delicious handmade truffles, to wonderful bars boasting some of the most unusual flavours. If you’ve still not managed to get your hands on chilli chocolate, it’s really worth a try. But, there’s also hand-decorated and beautifully-packaged eggs and your friends and family will know you’ve gone the extra mile. Plus, you’ll be supporting some very hard-working small producers while you’re at it!

We won’t dwell on this point too much but if you go for the high-quality chocolate containing higher levels of cocoa, you’ll even be doing your health a small favour!

Beetroot chocolate truffles

Beetroot chocolate truffles

Artisan chocolate producers are in abundance in the UK, but if you’re not sure where to start then head to the BigBarn MarketPlace to buy online from a list of some of Britain’s finest. You can even order online! Or, if you want to spend your pennies closer to home, then search our local food map to find producers and retailers in your area.

If you have a favourite chocolate recipe you’d like to share, or any other recipe, and would like the chance to win a prize, please video your recipe and add it to KIS (Keep it Simple) Cookery. Please have a look at existing videos here and try and keep your video less than 2 minutes long.

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