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Veganuary or Regenuary?

Is rejecting all animal products the best way to save the planet and our UK food security?  Or is it better to regenerate our food system, our food knowledge, and eat what is fresh and sustainable from the UK’s fertile land?

Interesting Times article here

Veganuary: the annual drive to encourage more to try veganism.

Vegans tell us that farming meat produces too much CO2 and is a waste valuable calories.

This is true when on an intensive cattle feed lot it takes 8kg of grain to produce 1kg of beef.  And CO2 is produced from methane and food miles as the beef is transported around the world and through the supply chain.

Sustainable farming

But not true for all meat when you consider that 70% of all the Earth’s agricultural land is marginal cannot grow crops and is only suitable for grazing (Previous blog and videos here)

Regenuary: eating foods — animal or plant — that are not imported and are farmed using regenerative methods.

In the case of beef this means eating beef occasionally, from cattle on a local mixed organic farm fed on pasture that is planted to rest and regenerate the soil.

‘Occasionally’ because most people eat too much meat.  To change to the vegan way of ‘no meat’  may be unhealthy without a protein and mineral alternative.

At BigBarn we have been promoting the ways of Regenuary for 20 years. Brexit, climate change and Covid have made our services including food, and cooking, knowledge even more relevant and needed.

We believe this should begin by finding the best food via our constantly growing Local Food Map.

Your Local Food Map, with Crop for the shop Carrot flag

Then providing information on how to cook fresh local ingredients using our KIS (Keep it Simple) recipe videos. 

Buying local and cooking helps build food knowledge and the local economy, especially if you take the next step and join Crop for the Shop where you grow and trade food from home or with your local school.

Please join in and tell your friends. The great thing about Regenuary is that you can start gently.  Cut down on meat and imported foods. (especially low grade imports with animal welfare standards illegal in this country) Previous blog here.

Please use our Local Food Map to find your local butcher, baker, dairy, and farm shop and ask questions about the produce. You can even email us any errors or omissions to be entered in a prize draw.

If you would like our help build your local food community please register for our Alerts messages that will include local food news and offers linked to your post code.

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