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Kissing in the back row of the movies or cooking at home?

Has lockdown made us think and act differently? When we get over the excitement of long awaited freedom, will we commute again, or work from home? Cook instead of buy take aways? Watch movies at home instead of the cinema? Or will our natural gregariousness mean we return to pre lockdown behaviour and kissing in the back row of the movies?

At BigBarn we really hope that lockdown has been positive for everyone’s future wellbeing. It seems that most people want to work from home at least 2 days a week. And why not, if they are productive, reduce CO2 and have more time to enjoy the good things in life like, enjoying the countryside and cooking healthy meals?

Your Local Food Map, with Crop for the shop Carrot flag

We believe that extra time at home has resulted in a large percentage of people discovering that cooking is a lot easier than they thought, as well as very satisfying. Many are now looking forward to inviting friends around to show off their signature dish.

Perhaps many people have enjoyed saving money during lockdown and will continue by going out less and watching movies at home on screens that are 10 times bigger than 20 years ago.

We hope that our Local Food Map and online MarketPlace will help people make even better meals by using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, or tastier more nutritious, high animal welfare meat.

If you have started growing your own please use our Crop for the Shop system to supply your local shops marked with a carrot flag on our map and please encourage your local school to join in video here.

Exciting and happier times?

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