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Supermarkets should segregate local and British products

I am really angry that in these time of Brexit, trade talks and CO2 emissions supermarkets do no clearly segregate what products are local & British. The fruit and veg section already separate organic and non-organic so ‘Local’, ‘British’ and ‘imported’ should be easy.

More and more people want to do the right thing so why should we all have to study labels for every product on our shopping list before buying. The supermarkets know exactly where every item they sell comes from so could easily segregate everything for us. Perhaps they are embarrassed just how little local produce they currently sell?

Next time you are in the supermarket please ask the manager or a member of staff why this can’t done, and perhaps tell them they could win customers if they changed to this better way.

You could even really test them by suggesting they join our Crop For the Shop scheme and sell ultra fresh, ultra local, food produced by their customers! More on Crop for the Shop here.

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