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We must STOP eating factory farmed meat

Please watch the video below and stop eating factory farmed meat. And please tell your friends.

We must do this for our kids, health and future of our planet, countryside and mental wellbeing.

This does not mean we should all become vegan or vegetarian simply cut out intensively reared meat. Especially foreign imports that have much lower animal welfare standards than our UK regulations.

If these foods are illegal to produce in the UK then they should be illegal to sell. Previous blog here

We must make better food buying choices because successive governments over the last 30 years have not cared about the future health of the nation or countryside. Our school curriculum is focused on Maths and English and our lives revolve around the pursuit of money, instead of wellbeing and happiness.

Please be bold and make the change and lobby your local MP to ban or put a duty of foreign factory farmer meat imports.